Our Daily Manna Devotional 1 August 2023 TOPIC: THE GORSE BUSH: FLOWER IN THE THORNS!


Our Daily Manna Devotional 

1 August 2023



Welcome! The GORSE BUSH is a shrub that was imported from Europe and now grows wild in the Pacific Northwest vicinity. It has dense, dark green shoots, and in springtime it provides a dazzling display of fragrant, vibrant yellow flowers. But it’s best known by hikers and fishermen for its spines. Remarkably, the flowers grow right out of the thorns! Missionary and artist, Lilias Trotter, wrote, “The whole year round the thorn has been hardening and sharpening. Spring comes and the thorn does not drop off; it does not soften. There it is as uncompromising as ever, but halfway up appear two brown fuzzy balls, mere specks at first, that break at last straight out of last year’s thorn — into a blaze of golden glory.” Glory to God! What a mighty God we serve that turns thorns into a blaze of golden glory! Yes! In your life too, God will turn THORNS TO THRONES! Notice from the narration above that the Gorse Bush produces a flower that grows right out of the thorns. Yes! The Thorn Uses The Whole Year To Grow Harder And Sharper And Doesn’t Bow To Any Pressure! The Holy Ghost wants you to know that it is thorns (tough, difficult and hard times) that produces your crown and the gold in you. Just like the gorse bush, sometimes in life, thorns (trials) beautify your life. Vs. 10 of today’s Word says: “But He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” God uses thorns, trials, tough times and even disappointments, etc, as His raw materials to bring out your goal. Without THORNS, there would be no plant called, ‘Gorse Bush.’ No matter how the year has been and no matter your life’s story, always tell yourself: “This Thorn Shall Beautify Me At Last, It Shall Bring Forth My Blaze Of Divine Glory.” As you close, remember that it was the thorn in the flesh of Apostle Paul that was used to multiply the grace of God in his life and ministry! Hold on and Hold out!

(Give out at least 8 ODM copies, Then send a message to [email protected] and I shall send you prayers on: “LORD, Disgrace every Satanic SPY/MONITORING SPIRIT around my life/ministry”).


Take Song 2: When the roll is called…

Thank the Lord for today’s word and pray as led.

O God, this THORN – PHASE of my life shall not sink me; I

trust in You. Pray about the August 13th programme!

Declare this aloud now: “This Thorn (delay or trial) Shall Beautify Me At Last, It Shall Bring Forth My Blaze Of Golden Glory” in Jesus name (pray it seriously).

LORD, make me a FOOD BANK PARTNER and an ODM


Pray about today! 

Make a difference in someone’s life today!

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