I did terribly as a young husband. One evening, I returned from work, and as my habit was, I picked up my phone and began to press it. I did not know Irewamiri had called me like three times in an attempt to tell me something. I was so distracted that I did not know when she left our bedroom to another room. When I went to meet her, she was already angry about the whole thing. I had to start apologizing. 

You can only sustain intimacy if you are focused. Distraction is a deadly weapon that has killed the flames of many relationships. There are distracted believers. They are children of God, but they have no focus on him. It is hard to sustain a time of prayer and study. Whatever distracts you have already conquered or defeated you. 

In marriages, some men are so distracted that they do not notice the changes in their spouses. They do not notice when they make new hairstyles. They do not notice when they need their attention. Attention stolen is affection lost. You can not sleep beside a sobbing spouse unawares. Wake up! 

Some are distracted by work. In a bid to make ends meet, you lose the touch you have with your home. Be careful. Calm down. You need to find that string balance. Create time to rest and get refreshed. Do not get lost in the chase for survival that you lose what you already have. 

A distracted husband can wreck an entire household. The distraction of David began a downward slope that caused great issues at home. He had sons that he did not correct. One ended up raping his sister. The second killed the rapist and planned a rebellion. The third that was never corrected almost staged a second rebellion. His home was a huge mess.

A distracted spouse is a ticking time bomb. It slows down the growth of the marital union. Focus on the Lord and draw strength to focus on one another. 

I repented that evening. I went to her and began to apologize. She did not accept my apology and kept pushing my hand away. I did not get angry. 

Listen! It is manipulative to be wrong and still be angry at the same time. It is terrible. Why would you be the offender and still be angry? You have turned your anger into a tool of manipulation. Stop it. Change that pattern. 

What is affecting the intimacy you have with God?

What is affecting your intimacy with your spouse?

Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Matthew 19:6 KJV

Beloved, it is a man who can put asunder. If you are that man, repent! 

©️*temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.*

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