While in our youth days, after our graduation from the university, we were posted for service (NYSC). A vibrant Christian Brother and l reported at our service center. Not long after our arrival, some people organized a welcome party for NYSC (Corpers), where we were both invited. 

Immediately, l said ‘’NO’’, we’re God’s children, we don’t attend worldly parties. They replied, ‘’you are S.U, you are old-school, you are swegbe’’. At this junction, my friend couldn’t take a stand for the Lord. He made a choice. He said to me, Bro Gbile please let’s not do so, let’s attend, it’s just a party nothing more. But l insisted on my decision.

So, he honored their invitation. According to him, seated at the dancing hall, he was offered a bottle of alcohol. He rejected it and demanded a bottle of Malt. While he was drinking, a lady walked up to him and said, ‘How can you a man be drinking malt? Even me, a girl could finish a bottle of Gulder’’ He became ashamed. For the first time in his life, he requested a glass of alcohol. 

To shorten the long tragic story, just a glass of beer took him away from Christ. Every effort I made to restore him to the faith was to no avail.

Many years later, I saw him, and hardly could I recognize him. He was so haggard and battered. His life was a mirage. His marriage was ruined, and destiny was shattered. Then he looked at my face and said, ‘’Bro Gbile I envy you. What you are now is what I could have been, but look at where l am today. 

I wish l could reverse the choice I made’’ Then he stood weeping profusely. Though l prayed and restored him to Christ, the lost ground and the wasted years he never recovered. Not too long after he died.

I believe this is why the Holy Spirit has strongly laid it on my heart to reach the youths at this end of the age. Though your destiny is precious and very bright, it is contested. The ground the devil wins in your life today is where he will pitch his tent tomorrow. 

Now I see Jesus the mighty warrior, with all his power and might ready to save you, but it seems the enemy is saying, you are old enough to choose for yourself. The choice to win or lose is yours. In order to be victorious in the battle for the young, you must accept Jesus into your heart NOW THAT YOU ARE YOUNG.




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