JN. 6:1-14

After Jesus had taught the multitude for days, feeding them spiritually, He was moved with compassion not to let them depart without feeding them physically. According to Philip, 200 denarii worth of bread was not enough to feed the multitude but miraculously, through a lad's provision, over 5000, excluding females and children,were well fed and twelve baskets of leftovers were gathered after they were all filled leaving them with much more than they started with. This kind of miracles should not be strange to us. If God could feed a whole nation twice a day for 40 years, how many are a few thousand He would not be able to take care of? This confirms to us that much more than we think, God cares for every detail of our lives. The Bible says a strand of our hair cannot fall to the ground without the Father's consent (Matt. 10:30). As many as we are on earth, God cares for each person particularly.

POINT OF EMPHASIS: God cares for you much more than you realise.

PRAYER POINT: Lord, help me to appreciate and reciprocate Your love and care for me in Jesus name.

Reading The Bible Through in a Year: Morning: Gen. 47-48; Evening: Matt. 21:28-46
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