I am sorry that today’s scripture reading is ending with a tragedy (sad note).

Here was a man who had an opportunity to conquer nations because the God of Israel was his Commander- in- Chief yet he ended up as a captive, because of a misused opportunity. May no man take your opportunities.

Saul said, ‘God answers me no more neither by prophets nor by dreams” (Verse 15). How the mighty are fallen. Misused opportunities lead to servitude (slavery) and dryness. Jesus in Luke 19:41 wept over Jerusalem.

Jesus wept two times publicly in His lifetime. He wept over Jerusalem because the Jews rejected their God- given

opportunity of salvation. The consequence? Verses 43-44. Slavery is the summary, because “they knew not the time of their visitation.”

The Lord JESUS would also weep today for nations that are blessed but whose citizens are suffering because of corruption!

Corruption, the abuse of public office for private gain, is more than wasted money for MASS DEVELOPMENT: it erodes the social contract and corrodes the government’s ability to help grow the economy in a way that benefits all citizens.

For example many years ago, the then head of state of Nigeria, General Gowon, told the world that the problem with Nigeria was not how to make money but how to spend it. He had the opportunity to put his country on the part of industrialisation.

He blew it. That was when the Naira exchange rate to the dollar was 60 kobo to l dollar. Now the exchange rate is about 750 naira to 1 dollar in the black market or 460 naira to one dollar on the official lane! Cry for my beloved country! Till today, the economy is still very depressed; opportunities are misused.

May God restore all your lost opportunities today! Always remember that sometimes in life, there are 7 years of PLENTY and 7 years of FAMINE! Be wise in this 2nd half of the year! Save always and be another Joseph!

Refuse to be another weeping “King SAUL.” Pray seriously now! 


Take any song of worship as led.

Holy Ghost, recover/restore all my lost opportunities.

I refuse to be another king Saul this year!

I shall be wise like Joseph and be prudent in my season of PLENTY! I shall not serve my enemies in this year 2023. 

4. Lord, turn my mistakes to miracles(Pray it seriously).

Lord, send me NEW OPPORTUNITIES this year! Arrows of lost opportunities; I REVERSE YOU now concerning 2023! 

I shall not miss godly opportunities!

Check the page for PASTORS/MINISTERS-page 88 today. 

Pray about today and pray the 404‘DANGEROUS PRAYERS’ pages of this booklet (see from page 7).

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