An entire Muslim family recently came to Jesus because the whole family had the same exact dream of Jesus Christ in the same night.

Amir had recently been searching for truth about Islam and religion, and in desperation he cried out to God, “God if you’re alive, reveal yourself to me.” He was unprepared for what would happen next.

7 days later, he had a dream of Jesus Christ. When he woke up, he found out his mother and sister had the same exact dream about Jesus. “I didn’t even know who Jesus was. In Islam, you learn that Jesus was a prophet. We said God, what do you want to show us? We didn’t have a Bible, you can’t find Bibles in Iran. 5 hours later, a man knocked at our door and put a Bible on our table. He said God told me to come and bring you this Bible. He said Jesus is not only a prophet. Jesus is the Word of God, who became flesh. He came, he left Heaven, he died on the cross for you and I, for those who come to Him. Whoever believes in Him will be forgiven.”

My mother told him that we had all had a dream of Jesus at 5 AM this morning. The man started to weep for half an hour. He said, “It was at 5 AM that I heard the voice of Jesus in my room that said, ‘My Son, get up, take my word to Amir’s house. They are ready to hear my word today.”

Amir went on to say, “Jesus is alive! He is the living God! He came to give us life even in the countries that Jesus Christ is forbidden. Jesus is real. Worship him!”

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