Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria Grace for Living Devotional Tuesday October 3, 2023 TOPIC: PURSUING GOODS OR GOD?



GENESIS 13:5-18


“For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected” Hebrews 12:17  


The emphasis we place on material possessions and accomplishments in the church of God is at a frightening level. Position, power, titles and status have become an obsession. Many leaders in churches and fellowships even demand they be celebrated. They subtly demand material gratification for any and every event they celebrate – birthdays, weddings (self, spouse, children), book launch and many more.  

Very few leaders earn respect and honour based on their selfless and genuine spiritual services to the people they lead. Instead, they demand and compel the brethren to serve them. Worse still, in a number of our churches, growth and progress is mostly based on their financial status, number of projects executed, expansion of church building, and purchase of expensive equipment – all goods! Very little or no attention seems to be paid to number of successful missions or outreaches to an unchurched community, number of genuine converts, and the poor provided with basic amenities such as water.   

Today’s bible passage tells how Lot chose the well-watered plain of Jordan at the expense of his tutelage under Abraham his uncle. Lot’s end was pathetic (Genesis 19:30-38). All who have heaven in view must choose to pursue God at all times. Pursuit of goods and all temporal allurements can only rob us of our eternal destiny with the Lord Jesus Christ.  

Is the church in our times really pursuing God or goods? Does your life style announce or challenge people around you that you are expecting Jesus?   


Dear Lord, cause me to set my eyes on You and not goods.



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