MEMORY VERSE: “The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing” (Proverb 20: 4).


A sluggard is a person who is lazy, stupid, and idle or exhibits slothful habits. A sluggard is a poltroon or a mean-spirited wretch. Nothing kills a person like idleness. A lazy person has over a thousand reasons why he or she will not work, read, or support others to achieve a meaningful purpose. The cumulative effect of being a sluggard is poverty. Some common attributes and characteristics of a student sluggard are: blaming others, making excuses, creating false impression, dodging activities, joining bad groups, cheating in exams, instability, faithlessness, complaining and wretchedness.

God did not create anybody a sluggard. The principle of work is written into all of God’s creation; though God provides food for every bird, He does not throw it into its nest – they go out to seek it. Are you a student sluggard? If you do not attend classes regularly, pay attention in class, take down notes, do given assignments and study regularly, then what are you? A sluggard, of course. Is Christ your Saviour? Have a little talk with Him for a change.

QUOTE: Nothing kills a person like idleness.

PRAYER: May the word sluggard not be mentioned concerning me, O God!

CHALLENGE: Diligence changes poor records.


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