After I had done the first six months as a church pastor, I sent a mail to my Pastor. He did not respond to the mail, but graciously, we got to see when I visited the city for a meeting. 

I was already getting excited and becoming proud of the community work we were involved in as a young church and the accolades that were coming with it. My pastor gave me stinging feedback that became a reset for a young pioneer- "Temi, I got your mail. Let me know whether you want to pastor a church or run a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)". 

He added, “A tree that begins to produce branches while still small will never grow tall.” I can never forget another one: "Welfare will not grow a church.” 

Dear pioneer, when you begin, you will likely burn with a lot of energy. You want to do many things. You will desire to be in the good books of many. But you must be sure of what the Lord has asked you to do. Be clear. 

One of the ways that we come to clarity is by listening to those who have gone ahead. Permit them to confront you with tough questions and hard truths. You do this clearly by sharing information with them. If you will go far in the work, make sure you listen to the counsel of qualified people. 

Though your beginning was small, your latter end would increase abundantly. “For inquire, please, of the former age, And consider the things discovered by their fathers; For we were born yesterday, and know nothing, Because our days on earth are a shadow. Job 8:7 - 9 NKJV

Do not get lost in just good works. Get immersed in what God has called you to do. Do not be distracted by the good while you abandon what God has called you to do. 

Do not get pressured into doing many things at the beginning. Be calm. Things will evolve as you grow. Locate the stem of your assignment. Branches will emerge. Men will see the fruits and be blessed by them. 

Do not put on yourself more load than you are wired to carry. Do not break down before the work even starts at all. Preserve yourself for the long haul. This is not a hundred-metre dash. This is a marathon. 

Calm down. Clarify. Follow Counsel. Heed Caution. Adjust. You will get there. 

© temilOluwa Ola, Eruwa.


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