Our Daily Manna Devotional 12 October 2023 TOPIC: NEVER BETRAY THE STAIRS THAT TOOK YOU UP!


Bishop Dr Chris Declares the word of God
Bishop Dr Chris Declares the word of God

A mentee pastor was exclling under the mentorship of a senior pastor and became very popular among the members. He was even credited with more “miracles” in the church than the senior pastor.

It was a partnership that worked to the favour of both pastors and above all the glory of God. But unfortunately, it wasn’t long before he decided to go his way. The senior pastor tried to dissuade him from such an encounter, and begged him to wait for God to confirm the move. But he left.

It was barely six months after leaving before he came begging to be taken back. Guess what, he returned, but he had lost the glory of the partnership between him and his senior pastor. He went from hero to zero! Wow! He lost his place to a bloated ego and he lost his place in glory. 

A wise man once said: “Beware of the allure of popularity and the dangers of pride that can lead even the most promising partner to forsake the very foundation that brought them success.” Obviously a similar story to that of the prodigal son. He fell from grace to grass. Oh, what a pity! Some people quickly kick off the stairs that they climbed to where they are, forgetting that it is the same staircase that is holding them where they are.

This is not speaking against independence. Be careful not to be a prodigal partner. Make sure your partner sees reason with you, and that it is the leading of God. NEVER FORGET THE STAIRS THROUGH WHICH YOU MUST CLIMB!

Give out at least 8 ODM copies, then send a message to: orderodm@gmail. com and I shall send you prayers on: “I SHALL END THE YEAR WELL.”

Take Song 1: Standing on the promises.

I cut off from every prodigal partner currently posing as the right one, in Jesus name.

Lord, as 2023 ends, I shall not be an agent of deceit or betrayal.

Lord, shake off every BETRAYAL around my life, family and ministry!

Holy Spirit, take away every pride that will lead to my downfall in Jesus name.

I shall not bite the fingers that fed me! Lord, help me to APPRECIATE people!


Pray about today and scatter some bad news. 

Pray for vour government officials.
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