Our Daily Manna Devotional 13 October 2023 TOPIC: – THE DOCTOR WROTE A DEATH CERTIFICATE!


There are so many things that human doctors cannot reverse. But when you are dealing with the one who is called Jehovah Rapha, NOTHING IS IRREVERSIBLE! Abraham was old and WELL STRICKEN IN YEARS and according to human doctors, there was no way he could ever have a baby. Sarah was past menopause and “womanpause” (my word) and was written off. BUT JEHOVAH RAPHA STEPPED INTO THEIR SITUATION AND THEY GAVE BIRTH TO A CHILD. The LORD changed “MENOPAUSE” to “MENO-SCATTER!” He scattered the doctor’s report!I am being told that something NEGATIVE will SCATTER concerning your destiny! When you’re dealing with God, nothing is impossible! When you’re dealing with He who has the key of life, nothing is irreversible! As you go out today, MERCY WILL FIND YOU!Maybe the doctors have said that your kidneys are damaged or your liver has failed, REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH JEHOVAH RAPHA – the Healer and Creator! Johannes du Plessis, a foremost South African theologian and missionary, talked about how “Jehovah Overdo” reversed the sickness of his father and raised him from deathbed. His father was extremely sick and because they believed in divine healing, they did not bother to call the doctor. However, the man’s health deteriorated, and he told his family to call the doctor so he would be able to tell the cause of his death. The doctor came, and as soon as he examined Mr. du Plessis, he shook his head and said, “In a few minutes, he’d be gone.” The doctor went ahead to write a death certificate. However, the church continued to pray, and SUDDENLY, the healing power of God was released upon this sick man. Strength returned to him, he got up from the death bed, milked the cows, and then went to the doctor’s office to collect the death certificate. The doctors were dazzled. I don’t know what impossible situation you’re faced with today; as you determine to give out the 2024 ODM and the “WAR AGAINST HAMAN – 19” booklets as Christmas/New Year gifts, you will know that you are DEALING WITH JEHOVAH JIREH and Jehovah RAPHA! Lack will flee and supply will come! You will end 2023 with a shout of joy because your God is the God of all flesh; nothing is too difficult for Him to do! Hold on!

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Take Song 1: Standing on the promises…

Spirit of the living God, step into my situation and reverse every
irreversible situation that I am faced with (mention it and pray it till you have peace in your heart).

Pray now about any issue bothering your peace.

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