Daily Scriptures: Revelation 3:6-8 (KJV):

Toudini was the greatest magician during his time. He was also any jail cell in the world in less than one hour. A small town in the British Isles built a new jail and issued Houdini the challenge. Houdini loved challenges and there was a prize money offered, so he accepted the challenge. When the big day arrived, there was a large crowd present and the media was also there to cover the special event. Houdini confidently walked into the cell, and the door was closed. He immediately took off his coat and went to work, Hidden in his belt was a flexible, yet tough and durable ten-inch piece of steel, which he used to work on the lock. At the end of 30 minutes, his confidence disappeared. At the end of an hour, he was soaked in perspiration. After two hours, Houdini literally collapsed against the door – which opened! The door had never been locked, except in Houdini’s own mind; which meant that the door was as firmly locked as if a thousand locksmiths had put their best locks on it. Houdini could have unlocked any physical lock, but not the lock that was in his own mind. Wonderful! According to today’s 1st word, there is no barrier. I have set before thee an open door (Rev. 3:8). It is a great door – (1 Cor. 16:9). Note these words, “And a door was opened unto me; (2 Cor. 2:12).

That means, GOD HAS OPENED DOORS BEFORE YOU! He is only waiting for you to DISCOVER THEM AND THEN YOU WALK INTO THEM! In this last quarter of 2023, play your part by open- ing the door after you have prayed! You can learn a lot from this story and I prophesy: YOUR GREATER DOOR IS OPENED! God is still going to open newer doors for you! Any closed door in your mind will OPEN BY FORCE through knowledge! You need to get up, hold the handle of the door, open it, move in and possess your possessions. What have you done with your open door? IT IS OPENED! BE A FOOD BANK PARTNER! SEE PAGE 29 NOW!


Take Song 2: There’s not a friend…

Lord, show me my OPEN DOOR! As I TAKE STEPS OF FAITH, visit me with divine surprises!

I decree: Every CLOSED DOOR, loose me and RUN MAD! My life shall not become history while I am alive in Jesus name. 

Pray about today! See page 27.

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