KEY VERSE: "They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them." John 18:5

TEXT: JOHN 18:3-9

Jesus' enemies had wanted to arrest Him for a long time but they didn't know the way to go about it. They sent one of His disciples - Judas Iscariot to help them. Suddenly, soldiers appeared in the quiet garden where He had gone to pray and behind them were the religious leaders and Judas. Jesus already knew that Judas had betrayed Him and calmly asked "whom seek ye?" They answered "Jesus of Nazareth." He knew that this was all part of His Father's plan. He then allowed them to arrest Him and followed them without struggling.

The tragic story of Judas, who at one time was in close fellowship with Jesus, but then forsook his Lord by betraying Him, serves as a warning to all Christian boys and girls today. Judas had the same choice as the other eleven disciples. He believed and was a trusted friend of Jesus. Judas later turned away by his own choice. 
Do not betray Christ through your word, actions, affections, association and life. As you come to the Saviour, remain with Him, endure persecution and in all you do, let Christ be glorified. When He comes, you will be ready to go with Him to heaven.

PRAYER: Jesus my Saviour, I surrender all to You, I will never betray You.

FURTHER READING: John 13:21-27
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