Our Daily Manna Devotional 11 December 2023 TOPIC: EXPECT A “REFERENCE W POINT” TESTIMONY!


When Jesus was born, men were moved to honour God. Men were drawn to Him and His parents from far and near. That’s one peculiar thing about the God that makes us to call Him “Jehovah Overdo.” HE IS NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF PERFORMING INSIGNIFICANT MIRACLES.

He doesn’t know how to bless His children with “UNATTRACTIVE” BLESSINGS. In fact, He doesn’t have such blessings in His storehouse. The kind of breakthrough that God has guaranteed for you is the breakthrough that will cause hundreds and thousands of people to seek you out and seek the face of God for themselves too.

I decree: Before the last day of this year, God will give you a “REFERENCE POINT TESTIMONY.” They will make your testimony a reference point. I remember the prayer of the relatives of Naomi concerning Ruth, that unforgettable woman in RUTH 4: 11: “The Lord make the woman that is come into thine house like Rachel and like Leah, which two did build the house of Israel.”

Racheland Leah became a reference point for fruitfulness and greatness. In the same way, your testimony will become a reference point for fruitfulness and greatness.

What God will do for you this season will be unprecedented and IT CANNOT BE STOPPED! Pray now!!!

Take Song 3: Higher ground…

Pray in your own words on any personal message received from today’s devotional.


Every plot of the devil to substitute my blessings and miracle breakthroughs for something else, scatter by fire now!

Father, clothe me with Your glory, and cause Your greatness to be shown in my life; let me come to You through the greatness
of Your glory that radiates through me.

I decree fruitfulness into my life and ministry today; I decree fruitfulness into every area of my life, I curse all barrenness and wastefulness, in Jesus name. It’s a new season.

Let the ground open up and swallow up every evil wall standing between me and my breakthrough, in Jesus name.

Thank the Lord now for your end-of year testimony. An unusual testimony is coming your way; lift up your voice and praise Him now. 

Pray about today now!

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