Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria Grace for Living Devotional Monday August 14, 2023 TOPIC: WHEN THE KING LOST HIS SLEEP


Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria  

Grace for Living Devotional 

Monday August 14, 2023



DANIEL 6:10-18


"Now the king went to his palace and spent the night fasting. Also his sleep went from him." Daniel 6:18  


There are different reasons for losing sleep at night – could be mental health problems, anxiety, stress related problems and many more. King Ahasuerus lost his sleep through God's intervention so that Mordecai could be saved from the wicked plot of Hamman. When he lost his sleep, he was brought face to face with his error. He got his peace back only after he did the right thing he had failed to do (Esther 6:1-3).   

In the case of King Darius in the bible reading of today, he lost his sleep because he was troubled about his most valuable minister, an asset to his kingdom, Daniel, who had an excellent Spirit working in him. He was going to be fed to the lions, not for any crime, but for trumped up charges, and the consequent thoughtless and irreversible decree the king signed into law. He fasted and sought God to restore what he could not restore by himself.  

Matthew Henry aptly lamented, "But the infelicity of kings, who being under a necessity of seeing and hearing with other people's eyes and ears, are often wretchedly imposed upon us." As it was then, so it is in our days. Justice is toppled and the innocent are punished by the ungodly men in the corridors of power. Yet through God's intervention, their conscience can be awakened as they lose their peace and sleep like Kings Ahasuerus and Darius.  

Do you ensure you do your best to promote justice and equality as a leader?  


Father Lord, cause every despotic ruler over our nation to lose their sleep and peace.


PSALMS 30-33, ROMANS 8:1-17

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