Our Daily Manna Devotional 3 August 2023 TOPIC: DON’T PUT GOD INTO A BOX! -2

 Our Daily Manna Devotional  

3 August 2023



Yesterday’s devotional ended thus: “God can cut people off your life! He can close doors and open new ones.” So no matter how your relationships have been, LOOK TO GOD AND TRUST HIM!

So as 2023 progresses, NEVER CREATE IDOLS in your heart! Refuse to look at men who walk away from your life, even if it was due to your mistake! THERE ARE NO MISTAKES WITH GOD! STOP condemning yourself!

God can deliberately allow you to make mistakes in order to cut some things or people out of your life! Such things happen for a greater, unseen reason! The LORD healed many blind people! Sometimes, He just told them to open their eyes BY FAITH and the miracle happened as in the case of BLIND BARTIMAEUS!

In the instance of today’s scripture, he

passed the man through another method – a LONGER AND A MORE TEDIOUS METHOD! He made MUD and asked the man to still go all the way to the POOL OF SILOAM to wash off the MUD. Wow! Oh, this ALL-WISE GOD, HATES TO BE TIED TO ONE METHOD OF HEALING, SUPPLY or MIRACLE! HE HATES TO BE PUT IN A BOX!

WHY DID HE NOT JUST speak to the man’s eyes? He is the God that OPENED THE RED SEA, BUT CHOSE TO WALK ON THE SEA LATER (in today’s scripture). STOP LOOKING AT MEN BECAUSE THEY HELPED YOU YESTERDAY! God has more people lined up to help you TOMORROW! HE DOES NOT WANT IDOLS in your heart!

In the Book of Acts, He healed through SHADOWS, laying of hands, the spoken word or handkerchiefs, etc. NOT ONE METHOD! But do you know that later in life, Paul told TIMOTHY to take MEDICINES for healing and good health? (See 1 Tim 5: 23).

Yes! He told Him, TAKE A LITTLE WINE (medicine) FOR YOUR STOMACH’S SAKE! Are you saying THE LORD, through PAUL could not heal TIMOTHY? He can but does not want you or I, to tie Him down to one or two methods! Hold on and look up to Him!

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Take Song 3: There’s not a friend…

In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.

Father, I repent from ways in which I have murmured OR PUT YOU IN A BOX in the past! Paralyze EVIL SPIES NOW!

God can cut people off your life for reasons known to HIM! God can close doors and open new ones! 

Lord, OPERATE ME and do WHAT ONLY YOU CAN DO concerning my destiny!

LORD, I shall not miss my Promised Land because of having IDOLS in my heart! Lord, visit my situation in Your own way and time (pray it very well).

Pray in Tongues seriously as led now.

Pray about today and cancel IRREVERSIBLE MISTAKES! 

About August 3rd:

August 3rd is a date that holds significance due to various events, achievements, and notable moments throughout history. Here are some key occurrences associated with August 3rd:

In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail from Palos de la Frontera, Spain, with three ships—Santa Maria, Pinta, and Niña—beginning his historic voyage to discover a western route to Asia. This expedition ultimately led to the encounter between the Old World and the New World.

In 1914, World War I officially began when Germany declared war on Belgium. This declaration marked the escalation of the conflict that engulfed many nations across the globe.

In 1958, the USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, completed its historic undersea journey, successfully crossing under the Arctic ice cap at the North Pole.

In 1981, the air traffic controllers’ strike took place in the United States, with President Ronald Reagan firing over 11,000 striking controllers who had ignored his order to return to work.

In 2005, the first-ever Joint Session of the U.S. Congress was addressed by an Israeli Prime Minister, as Ariel Sharon delivered a speech in Washington D.C.

August 3rd serves as a reminder of both significant achievements and moments of conflict in history. It presents an opportunity to reflect on the impact of human actions and the importance of pursuing peace and understanding in our interactions with others.

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