MEMORY VERSE: “He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant” (Psalm 105:17).

TEXT: PSALMS 105:16-22

The paradox, "The way up is down," is exemplified in the life of Joseph. He was destined for the top, yet he had to face the: 

Jealousy of his brothers; 

Oppression in the prison; 

Slavery of the hopeless; 

Extremity of adversity; 

Pressure of pollution; and

Humiliation of a servant.

In spite of all these, he remained resolute, faithful and pure before God.

Beloved Christian youth, are you giving up on yourself? God has not given up on you. Whatever you are passing through now can't drown you. From the prison God took Joseph to the palace to occupy his destined position. Even when he was unjustly charged with the heinous crime of attempted rape, his dedication and devotion to God was not affected. All the things he faced were the road to promotion. At the time appointed by God, he was released (Habakkuk 2:3). Be faithful to God and He will lift you higher.

QUOTE: God has not given up on you.

PRAYER: Father, take me to my appointed destiny.

CHALLENGE: Faith in God assures promotion.


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