Our Daily Manna Devotional 8 September 2023 TOPIC: THE FIRST WORLD HOTEL: REMEMBER THE GOLDEN CITY!


Be reminded that even the seven wonders of the ancient Greek world cannot be compared to heaven. The world’s largest hotel,

is called the FIRST WORLD HOTEL located in Malaysia, South East Asia with 7,351 rooms in two colorful towers.

It is located in the Genting Highlands far away from the city. It has 24 floors (Tower 1), 28 floors (Tower 2); Tower 2 Annex has altogether 1, 286 rooms. It became the world’s largest hotel from 2006-2008 and (after expansion) from August 2015 – present day.

The entrance is a Spanish-style courtyard, massive malls, casinos, caf├ęs and bars.

There is a golf course, tennis courts, a cinema, and a gym.

Every week, there are magic shows and music performances at the theatre or the central Times Square where replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Oscar statue reside. Oh! But compare this to ETERNITY (life without an end) in heaven.

Can you compare this hotel to our “Heavenly Hotel” and home with its streets of gold? Simply incomparable! Reading today’s text, I begin to think about the words of Jesus, when He said, “What shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”(2nd scripture).

What pleasure on earth can we exchange for the pleasure of the Foursquare City called Heaven which we read about today? What hotel, career, woman, man, child, business, palace or place on earth, etc, can be compared to it?

May you and your family not miss this city of gold (Heaven) and always remember that you are a stranger here! This world is not your home. Close with this: The more you look forward to heaven, the less of this world you will desire. Forgive people!

Keep your garment spotless! Live holy and be focused on HEAVEN! Live as if Jesus could return today! Pray the prayers below! 


Take Song 2: When the roll is called…

Father, take away from me anything that will stop me from making the city with the streets of gold (Pray seriously).

Every gang-up against my destiny and victory in this race, SCATTER in Jesus name.

Pray about today! Talk to someone about heaven and Jesus today.

ASSIGNMENT: What definite repentance/changes must you make? It is better to be poor and make Heaven than to be rich and go to Hell. Would you choose marriage or a wrong relationship and go to Hell? Think!

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